Summer in Cascade

Sweet summer sounds and smells abound in Cascade. Listen to the birds chatter, the river rapids rush over rocks, the crickets chirp a soothing evening song, and the pleasant sound of kids giggling and having fun as they splash in the lake. Smell the fresh mountain air, the wildflowers in bloom, gourmet food, and freshly baked cookies. There are so many things to enjoy in Cascade during the summer! 


Experience the
summer in Cascade!

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Summer Activities



Sunset Magazine identified Southwest Idaho as having some of the West’s best and least crowded biking trails.

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Boating & Sailing

The majority of local water sports take place on Lake Cascade. Boating, water-skiing and jet-skiing are very popular.

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When you’re looking to fish, there are at least five large lakes or reservoirs, five rivers and countless small mountain lakes and streams to choose from in the Lake Cascade Recreation Area.

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Cascade Golf Course


Golfers have some excellent choices in the area.

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The Frank Church Wilderness Area, just east of Cascade, is the largest roadless wilderness area in the lower 48 states.

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Hot Springs near Cascade, Idaho

Hot Springs

Hot springs are dotted throughout the area, both developed and natural.

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Mountaineering & Climbing

The majestic mountains throughout the Lake Cascade Recreation Area offer abundant opportunities for mountaineering – rock and ice climbing, from gentle bouldering to some of the longest continuous granite wall climbs in Idaho.

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Mushroom Hunting

A favorite “sport” for locals and visitors alike is “morel mushroom hunting.”

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Rafting & Kayaking

Rafting and kayaking on the rivers is a terrific summer sport. There are services available that will take you and your group out, or you can go out on your own if you prefer.

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Backcountry Flights - Cascade, Idaho

Backcountry Flights

Backcountry flights provide an unforgettable adventure that will take you into remote areas of scenic wilderness.

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Disc Golf

Enjoy this challenging course not far from Kelly’s White Water Park.

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Dark Skies

Clear and crisp mountain nights and low light pollution make for optimal sky and star-gazing conditions.

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