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Dining in the Lake Cascade Recreation Area

Given the appetite you will work up with the fresh mountain air, sparkling lakes and streams and fantastic scenic views, almost any meal will likely satisfy your hunger. Fortunately, there is something about the area that simply demands great food, and you will find it here in abundance.

The people here live an active lifestyle in both work and play, so when it comes time to replenish their energy they are serious about their food. The restaurants in the area recognize this and make an all-out effort to fulfill this demand. Whether you are looking for a great country-style breakfast, a big, juicy hamburger for lunch or gourmet fare for dinner, you will find plenty of dining options that will meet any one of those choices and many in-between.

For all of its recreational opportunities, the area is still home to ranching and logging activities. This insures that in many of the restaurants the portions will be hearty, and the fare will include an array of homestyle cooking that includes fresh baked pies and bread, delicious soups and salads and entrees made with the best quality meats and freshest vegetables available.

The outfitters and guides in the region pride themselves in providing excellent food on their outings, whether it is a one-day rafting trip or a week-long venture into the backcountry. If you have any idea of what to expect dining-wise, your mouth should be watering! Once here you will be sure to find well-prepared, delicious food with a great variety to choose from and with plenty to go around. Enjoy!