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So Many Things to See…

The Lake Cascade Recreation Area has so many forms of recreational pursuits in the area, you will have a hard time seeing and doing everything available to you. You may not get as much adrenaline pumping through you as you would in some of our other area adventures, but don’t miss out on these local attractions!

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List of Cascade Attractions

Natural Hot Springs

Many natural hot springs are dotted throughout the area. Gold Fork Hot Springs is a developed facility in a beautiful natural setting and is a popular destination for visitors and locals alike.

Ice Fishing, Cascade, Idaho

Yellow Pine

Founded in 1906 as a support community for the nearby gold camps of Thunder Mountain and Stibnite, a trip to Yellow Pine will take you back to a simpler time. With a year-round population that fluctuates around 65, this small community hosts one of the largest harmonica contests in the nation. While there, check out Idaho’s most unique 18-hole wilderness golf course and search out the ghost mining towns of Cinnabar and Thunder Mountain. Be sure to take your camera or phone.

Snowbank Radar Station

Snowbank Radar Station

Head to the “Top of the world” and take in the most breathtaking sights ever. View the fields of wildflowers, the many lakes, and an abundance of bluebirds, butterflies and wildlife. A picture gallery one never forgets.

Totem Poles at Arrowhead RV Park

Located at the southern edge of Cascade, Arrowhead RV Park has at least 50 carved totem poles that are placed throughout the park. The craftsmanship in the creation of these poles are amazing and will fascinate those who are fortunate enough to see them. The park is private so you need to call ahead to arrange your visit.

Ice Fishing, Cascade, Idaho

Steelhead and Chinook Salmon Spawns

Twice a year the waters literally writhe with thousands of steelhead and salmon that have travelled from the ocean to spawn in the South Fork of the Salmon River and Johnson Creek near Yellow Pine.

Cascade River Walk

Enjoy the scenery, bird life and occasional wildlife as you stroll along the banks of the Payette River as it takes a gentle curve around Cascade. You can start your walk either at the Fisher Pond Park by the sports park located at the southeast end of Cascade or behind the Ashley Inn at the opposite side of town. You may consider walking in both directions. For those not wishing to do the full two-mile walk, you can shorten your walk by accessing The Strand at Kelly’s Whitewater Park.

Kelly’s Whitewater Park

Located just east of Cascade, directly off Hwy. 55, as you come into town, Kelly’s is the first of its kind in Idaho, attracting canoers, kayakers, rafters and tubers for both competitions leisurely play. The park stretches 1,800 feet down from the Payette River as it flows past the site of the old Boise-Cascade Mill. The park is also home to a 2,660 square foot Welcome Center that overlooks the river and mountains. It is a gallery like setting that showcases a different theme each year and is also home to the John Borbonus War Memorial, the only one if it’s kind in the country.

Cascade Aquatic & Recreation Center

Come visit Cascade’s year-round heated pools and fitness center! The pools are geothermally heated through a heat plate exchange system. The fitness center is equipped with weight training equipment and cardio machines.

Walking by the River


Tamarack Resort

Warm Lake

Walking by the River

Payette River

Designated for its natural beauty and abundance of wildlife, Highway 55 follows the North Fork of the Payette River all the way to the Lake Cascade Recreation Area. The historic Rainbow Bridge, built in 1933 and located just north of Smiths Ferry, is Idaho’s largest single-span concrete arch structure.

The Roxy Theatre

Horseback Riding