winter-CasdcadeCascade is situated well within the boundaries of the great mountainous, alpine-forested region that stretches from the upper boundaries of the Great Basin nearly to the Arctic Circle. With an average of slightly more than two persons per square mile, it is easy to see that there are vast, wide-open spaces to enjoy the activities the Lake Cascade Recreation Area has to offer.

This small town on the banks of Lake Cascade is perfect for those who love the outdoors and spectacular scenery. With four distinct seasons, each having its own special qualities and associated activities, Cascade provides the opportunity for an active, engaging lifestyle to residents and visitors alike. At any time of the year it is possible to enjoy the amenities offered in the city of Cascade for a part of the day and then find oneself in the splendid isolation of pristine forests and towering mountains that have been relatively untouched by human habitation.

All in all, Cascade makes for a great place to live, work and stay!