Welcome to Cascade Idaho! I hope you take the time to visit our businesses throughout our City as well as enjoying the vast recreation opportunities that the area is known. Cascade remains rural of character and prides itself on having friendly residents throughout our area and a family friendly atmosphere.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Cascade and you are able to settle, relax and forget your worries for a day, week, or a month!

Judith R Nissula
Mayor, City of Cascade

Cascade, founded in July 1917 as a city, was also established as the County Seat for the recently established Valley County Idaho. Cascade sits in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains, where the North Fork of the Payette River flows through the city. Lake Cascade is located along the west border of the town. Throughout the years, the local population has been static at a level of 1000 with the 2010 census registering 938 residents.

Originally established as a logging community, Cascade has been in a state of transformation since 2001, moving to a recreational community. The area is known for fishing, hunting, camping, boating of all types, golfing, UTV access and snowmobiling. Recreational amenities include Kelly’s Whitewater Park, public golf course, a variety of hiking and biking trails, along with numerous water-based sports. Local employers include Valley County, Cascade School District, Cascade Medical Center and USDA along with many small businesses and sole proprietors.