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Lilies of the Field

Lilies of the field creates cards, prints, books and considerations of poetry and notes that are designed to impart the Spirit of God to you, to those you gift with our treasures of blessing, and to ease your journey.  They have prayerfully planned this garden to give the peace we all seek in an atmosphere conducive to His Presence.

Imagine coming into a garden where beauty abounds, blooms never fade, the Wind of the Spirit blows cares away and where renewal & inspiration find a settling in your heart.

Lilies of the Field - Cascade Chamber of Commerce MemberLilies of the Field - Card with Bunnies


About Considerations

Considerations is a place for Lilies of the Field, Inc. to write about various things; mostly spiritual things, although we might post about special events or things going on in our company. There is a motivation behind what we do at Lilies of the Field, Inc. and it is to express the life of God through beauty. The beauty God surrounds us with is unbounded and free, it is everywhere, just as God is. I suppose the beauty is just one way He expresses His nature, it is directly an expression of Him.