Fat Bike Trail Etiquette

Trail Etiquette for Fat biking: A great way to get around!


Fat biking is the perfect way to get out on the snow if you miss your mountain bike, and those wide tires make it an easy winter activity for beginners. Valley County has lots of options for every level of rider; just make sure to study your trail etiquette before you set out on your adventure:

1. Air down. Always adjust your tire pressure to current snow conditions; that way, your bike has maximum traction and minimum impact on the trail. Tires should be 6-8 psi for harder surfaces and 4-5 psi for softer conditions.
2. Never ride on ski tracks. When riding on a groomed trail where cross-country skiing is permitted, stay out of the ski tracks and in the middle of the run.
3. If you’re sinking, go home! Groomed trails need time to re-freeze. Some days, the snow is simply too soft for a ride. If you are still sinking after you’ve lowered your tire pressure, it’s time to head out.
4. Stay visible. Riding with lights and reflectors, particularly in areas with snowmobilers and skiers, will keep you safe from dangerous collisions and surprises.
5. Yield to others. Fat-tire bicycles yield to ALL other users when on multi-use trails.
6. Be respectful. Everyone out on the snow is trying to have a good time, so be respectful of others’ boundaries, space, and give other recreators a smile!
7. Leave no trace. Like any outdoor activity, you should pack in what you pack out. Leaving trash or other materials can be harmful to animals and local ecosystems.


Check out our grooming report, maps, and more on the Valley County website:


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