Cascade Idaho Arts Walk – 2nd Annual Auction

About Our Auction

Help us support public art in the rural town of Cascade, Idaho by purchasing owl sculptures through our online auction. The life-sized owls (Great Horned and Great Grey) have all been weather sealed with a spar urethane spray for indoor or outdoor display. The funding generated from the Cascade Arts Walk (CAW) will provide future public art for the City of Cascade and 30% of the final auction price will go to the local artists. The minimum bid on all owls is $275. Thank you in advance for your contribution. Your contributions will support local creatives and help to sustain our public art program. Additional funds generated beyond the cost to support the expenses of the program will be used to expand the program.

About Cascade Idaho Arts Walk

The Cascade Idaho Arts Walk (CAW) launched in the summer of 2022 and was a success! The 2022 summer art walk showcased fiberglass fish and the winter walk featured Christmas trees. Our walk in 2023, will be featuring wooden owl decoy forms that have been weather sealed. Placemaking is an economic development tool that celebrates local culture and heritage through the arts. This placemaking project is in partnership with the Cascade Cultural Arts Center, the University of Idaho Extension, and the City of Cascade.

The CAW has captured the thoughts and values of local artist residents with storytelling in the artist’s statements. Cascade residents celebrate their values through the CAW with stories of magnificent sunsets, dark skies, lake views, fishing, water, and natural resource stewardship through public art. The CAW has also recognized the threats to the cherished landscape including invasive species and wildfires on the landscape.


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