Place to Visit: The Ghost Town of Roosevelt

The ghost town of Roosevelt is a testament that the mountaineers of Thunder Mountain loved Teddy Roosevelt so much they thought their beautiful town should bear his name.

In 1901, Roosevelt and the surrounding communities were a hustling, bustling place of business. More than 10,000 people received mail at the post office located in Roosevelt.

Named after President Theodore Roosevelt(1901-1909), the town that still bears his name is now located in the majestic Frank Church Wilderness, one of the largest wildernesses in the lower 48 states.

It is believed by local residents from surviving nearby communities that the cabin constructed by Bill Timm is the best maintained, intact structure from the time period that pioneers, settlers saw fit to name the beautiful town of Roosevelt after the great preservationist Theodore Roosevelt.

Not much written history exists about the town of Roosevelt. A few 100+ year old remnants, a cemetery, a handful of dusty dirt roads is about all that is left.

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